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Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Mediators in Huntsville, Alabama

What is Divorce Mediation and How Does it Work in Alabama?

Divorce and family mediation is a kind of alternative dispute resolution process where a third party mediator helps couples going through a divorce to negotiate with each other and resolve issues related to the divorce itself, such as property division, child custody, child-support, and visitation, parenting plans, and more. A mediator can even help families with issues that arise after a divorce such as visitation conflicts, child support modifications, custody modifications, and the like. Mediators can help to divorce couples by discussing parenting time and responsibilities, facilitate distribution and discussion of assets and property, allow the parties to voice their concerns, advise about the law, and help coordinate other alternative means of dispute resolution without the need for a contested divorce process. A mediator's job is to help the parties negotiate a divorce. 

The attorneys at Alabama Divorce and Family Lawyers, LLC have years of experience in mediation and helping clients negotiate a comprehensive divorce agreement without the need for a trial. Mediation is usually quicker and costs significantly less than a contested divorce process. Mediation also lends itself to better relationships between the parties during and after a divorce as well. We always encourage our clients to seek the best divorce for them. Not everyone needs an expensive contested divorce and there are some attorneys out there who will push contentious contested divorces on clients that are not in their client's best interest. We certainly are not afraid of a hard-fought contested divorce, we've done thousands of them. But we also offer a full spectrum of divorce alternative dispute resolution techniques, including divorce mediation, do-it-yourself divorces, fixed fee divorces, and even collaborative divorce practices. No one size fits all and we do divorce differently than other law firms. We are here for our clients and will advise you on the best path towards your future and handle your divorce case as you want it handled. 

There are various ways you can use mediation in an Alabama divorce process. You can hire one private mediator to help both parties negotiate, advise upon the law, and facilitate a divorce agreement all without the need for extra expenses or a trial. Both parties can hire their own lawyer for this process or rely on one mediator who is impartial to both parties. Hiring your own lawyer for the mediation process becomes more expensive, but in some instances may be the best option to help a party navigate the mediation process itself. It is important to note, that mediation is not binding. That means that at any time, either party may forgo the mediation process and enter into a traditional contested divorce.

Contested divorces are costly, unpredictable, and stressful. 

Sometimes Mediation is Required in a Contested Divorce

Some courts in Alabama will require mediation as part of your divorce process even in a contested divorce. This will depend on the county and the judge in which your divorce petition was filed. Judges can make mediation mandatory even in contested divorces where mediation may be a waste of time. 

In Alabama Mediators Must be Licensed Attorneys

Some states allow neutral mediators to be counselors or other professionals. In Alabama, all mediators must be licensed lawyers. You only need one attorney at mediation to act as the neutral and unbiased mediator. Each party may also hire their own local divorce lawyers for the mediation as mentioned above. 

Huntsville, Al Divorce Mediation Attorneys

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