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Men Love their Children Too

What is a Huntsville, Alabama Men's Divorce Lawyer

What is a Huntsville, Alabama men's divorce lawyer? First, our lawyers represent men in divorce proceedings throughout Huntsville, including all of Madison, Limestone, and Morgan Counties. Second, we realize the difficulties that men face in an Alabama divorce proceeding. Men have traditionally been disadvantaged in divorce proceedings, whether it's in regards to child custody, alimony, property division, or otherwise. Our mission, as Huntsville's only men's divorce law firm, is to protect the right of men during an Alabama Divorce Proceeding. Men have as much rights to the custody of their children as women, and they should be compensated accordingly in regards to property division during a divorce. 

Our Huntsville, Alabama mens' divorce law firm has won numerous awards for representing men throughout the divorce process. We pride ourselves on giving each male client the individual attention they need and promise to fight the divorce fight dictated by our client's wishes. We regularly represent clients facing divorce, child custody, child custody modifications, and military divorce throughout Huntsville and in Madison, Limestone, and Morgan Counties. Please contact us here for a free consultation, or give us a call at 256-692-5333. Please be sure to also review our very happy client testimonials

Our Alabama men's divorce attorneys have thousands of hours of experience, representing thousands of men seeking custody of their children, child support obligations, alimony concerns, or simply an equitable distribution of assets. Our lead attorney, Richard Perry, is a strong advocate for men's rights in Alabama divorce proceedings and always has been. As a father himself, he knows how devasting a child custody award to the mother can be. Do you want to see your kids every other weekend, and for dinner on Wednesdays? If not, hire the best Huntsville, Alabama Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer practicing law in Morgan, Limestone, and Madison Counties. 

Many Women are Bitter and Mean During a Divorce and Use Their Children as a Bartering Tool---Don't Let This Happen To You!

Women are often vindictive and mean during an Alabama Divorce. They often use their children as bargaining chips in the divorce process. Our men's divorce attorneys have decades of experience of fighting the good fight for your children, a fair distribution of personal property, and child support obligations. The lawyer you hire matters. Experience, knowledge, and Moxy are indispensable during a Huntsville, Alabama divorce proceeding. 

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